Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My First Disciplinary Spanking

The text message read;

I’ll be home in half an hour. I’ll expect you upstairs, in position, bottom bare.

I was to receive my first disciplinary spanking from G.

This was in response to several small things which on their own would have earned a strong lecture at best. But after the 4th offense, I received the text message above.

I must admit, when I first read the message I was very aroused (just the word “spank” gets me going). Then it occurred to me very quickly, that this was not going to be a fun spanking – this one was going to hurt… a lot. I just stared at my phone for a couple of seconds deciding weather or not to respond. I decided not to, this way G would have the final word on the matter as he rightfully should.

I looked at the clock… 5:10pm. My heart started to race and I could no longer concentrate on what I was doing. All I could think about was the spanking that was about to happen.

When knowing that a fun/erotic spanking is in my future, this anticipation phase is simply delicious and sublime. Although the feeling was similar, knowing that this was going to be a disciplinary spanking added a whole new dimension to the scene – I was a little frightened.

It wasn’t the fact I that I didn’t completely trust G (I wouldn’t be in this relationship if I didn’t). I think it was simply the feeling of the unknown. How long would he take before coming upstairs? What would his lecture be like? What implements would he use? How many strokes had I earned? How hard would it be? Would I cry?

All of these questions kept on running through my head as I kept an eye out for him coming up the walkway. I kept on checking the clock… 5:20… 5:21. What??? Only ONE minute has passed??? Finally, I decided to not drive myself insane any longer. I took off my shorts and panties and laid on my tummy with a pillow under my hips. (Just as a side note… G and I never really discussed what “the position” was. We had chatted a little about the subject and read a blog here and there – I just assumed this is what he wanted and hoped that I was correct. Turns out I assumed correctly, thank goodness!)

I finally heard the door open. I was relieved, the wait was finally over and actually relaxed a little… until I heard his footsteps on the stairs. Then my heart began to race. I looked the other way as I heard him enter the bedroom. I heard him toss his keys on the bathroom counter and change clothes not saying a word all along. And then it began…

...the lecture. Going over each item that warranted a reprimand. Then after the lecture, he sat on the side of the bed, looked into my eyes and asked me what would be a fair amount of strokes. My mind started to rationalize… “well… if I say five, maybe he’ll only give me ten… but if I say ten he might give me 15… “ Not waiting for an answer, G stated that I would receive ten. I was actually relieved. “Sigh… Ten – I can do that.” Then without missing a beat he added… “… for each offense. 40 total.” What??!! I didn’t want to argue, being that this is what he has decided, but I know he could see the protest in my eyes. Then he asked, “Ready?” The only word I could say was “No.” His response… “too bad.”

G had his left arm around my waist and his weight of his body against mine – there was no way to wriggle out of this one. He decided to use “Bloomie”(a wooden spatula bought on a trip to Bloomingdales). The first twenty swats were hard, but not unbearable. The set of thirty were harder. I felt myself wanting to struggle and reach back, but told myself that I deserved this and to take it. I almost cried when G started in on the final ten. Then it was over.

I laid there for a moment feeling the sting and heat coming from my bottom. G laid back on the bed and motioned for me to come over to him. As he held me in his arms, stroked my hair and told me how good I did, I have never felt more connected and in love with anyone as I did at that moment.

I’m not looking forward to my next discipline spanking (if there is one *grin*), but I will be grateful knowing that G will have the love and caring to recognize when it is necessary.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Five Road Side Rests, One Wonderful Day!

D and I recently took a long road trip and discovered the joys of road side rests. In fact, we realized by day's end that we'd set what will likely be a Personal Record which might stand for a long, long time!

You see, I spanked D in five different road side rest stops, all in the same day. The first was just a quick three smacker behind a storage shed (and ending JUST before a trucker walked by with his dog). The second was a great spot where we found a trail that wandered off into the woods.

Next, we found a third location a few more miles down the road with a GREAT path that led into a clearing in some woods. (See the photo above.) I took D over just one knee as I knelt my other knee on the ground.

The best spot may have been Road Side Rest #4, where I was able to take D down to the edge of a small river, and spank her bared bottom while sitting on some large rocks. The cool air was wonderful, and the river served well as a sound deafener!

Finally, we paused for one more "rest" at the fifth stop, where there were far too many people! We did find a picnic bench as far away from everyone as we could and enjoyed a quick classic OTK on the bare. There's not much "give" in a concrete picnic table bench, I'll say that for sure! Even MY butt was sore!

D and I both LOVE Road Side Rest spankings, and highly recommend them to one and all!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fun Of Role Play

We’ve all seen them… the cheerleader and the coach, the naughty school girl and the professor, doctor and the patient, the prostitute and the client… The majority of interested parties watch these type of scenarios play out on some secret DVD hidden in a drawer somewhere. Fantasizing that’s you as the school girl and your mate as the professor who needs to teach you some respect!

Why fantasize? When you can actually play these scenes out for yourselves!

Role play can bring a whole other exciting dimension to a relationship. It allows everyone involved to let go… and be in the moment. Some find it hard to do. Total trust is a MUST. Knowing that you can enter this space without any fear or judgment (for example… the fear of being laughed at).

In the moment… that is the key. You must be able to lose yourself in the moment.

In a future post, G and I will share our first “real time” role play that took place at our second meeting. We will write it together sharing both points of view – top and bottom.

The following is our first exploration into what we thought our spanko relationship might be like, and it happened to involve a role play type situation. This took place during an IM chat just 10 days after our first initial correspondence, and totally came out of the blue. After discussing it afterwards, we both were completely taken by surprise and were delighted by it.

This is when we knew… that we would get along just fine. Enjoy!

(We encourage you to post comments. G and I would love to hear about any role play that you might have done… or might like to do!

Please note: this is a word for word transcript – absolutely no edits have taken place)


D: you'll come home from a meeting

D: just candles lighting up the place

D: table set

D: "D had to go somewhere"...

D: I'm her friend... she wanted me to make sure you were... "entertained"

G: *deep sigh*

G: could be my birthday present!

D: so you would like something like that??

G: that would be fun

G: you could even adopt some other personality for the night

D: sure...

G: i have no idea what, but...

G: i could even say at some point, "Has D ever shared with you what we really like to do after dinner?"

D: no... she didn't mention anything to me

G: I bring out a leather paddle... hold it out for you to see

D: oh my!

G: ever been over a knee?

D: is that what I think it is?

D: no never... and I don't think I want to!

G: she likes me to warm her up from time to time...

G: well, if you're going to be in THIS house, you have to play by OUR rules...

D: well... I don't think so....

G: give me your hand, darlin

D: but she is my best friend....

G: dinner was sweet and all, but you DID cook the steak too much...

D: it was perfect! what are YOU talking about!

G: it was burnt leather.

G: and, when D makes such a bonehead mistake, we take care of it after dinner...

G: Just as I'm going to do now, with you.

D: bonehead!!!!!????

G: Give me your hand.

D: why should I?

G: GIVE me your hand!!

D: *eyes wide open*

G: *takes hand and begins leading you into the bedroom*

D: just what do you think you are doing??

G: Next time you're cooking a steak for a man and he asks for medium rare, you'll make SURE it's medium rare.

G: I'm going to make sure you never ever forget that.

D: you are not going to do this!!!

G: I am indeed. You're going over my knee, and I'm going to paddle your behind.

D: no you most indeed are NOT!

G: *yanking you into position*

G: Your protests will fall on deaf ears, my friend...

D: *kicking and yelling ensues*

G: I would suggest you calm yourself

D: you ass!

G: it will be easier on you

G: Ass???? Did you just call me an ASS???


D: OUCH!!!!

G: Whack! WHACK!

D: *reaching back and kicking*

D: how DARE YOU!!!!

G: Okay, make it harder on yourself if you like *pinning arm*

D: aaarrrgghhhh!!!!

G: That skirt is going to come up...


G: Oh. Yes. It. Is.

G: *tugging at the hem*

D: kicking

G: *exposing your panties*


G: Kick all you want, m'dear... doesn't change the fact that your pantied bottom is about to feel the sting



D: you ass!!! OUCH!

G: Keep that up, and the panties come DOWN.



G: Mmmm...starting to see some color....



G: Now tell me, why am I doing this??



G: Tell me!



D: OW!!! OK... ok....

D: just stop please

G: WHHACK! ! !


G: Oh, such impertinence!

D: is THAT what you a wanted to hear??

G: Obviously, you haven't learned a thing...

G: Guess the panties must come down as well...

D: LEARNED??? You are an arrogant ass

G: You're going to be spanked, young lady, until you change that attitude...

G: Do I make myself clear?

D: attitude... ATTITUDE???

D: YOU"RE the one with a "ATTITUDE"!!!

G: *jerking the panties down just below the cheeks*

G: Keep it up, missy

G: *raising paddle*

D: hey!!! you can't do that!

D: no!!!!

G: I think ten is in order here...

D: *looking back*

D: no!






D: STOP!!!


G: I'm sorry, missy, it doesn't work that way...


D: I'm Sorry!!!

G: I need to see some contrition!


D: I'm Sorry!!! OK?

G: *running fingernails over your bottom...*

G: You're not credible... SMMMMACK!


D: What do I have to DO????

D: *kicking*

G: You could *SMACK* change your tone *SMACK!* for one thing

D: ok.... is this better?

G: better, yes... SMACK!

D: please!

G: what have you learned?


D: not to piss you off!

G: No, i'm sorry, but that's not quite it....


D: ouch!

D: ummm....

G: yes? *paddle raised*

D: that I should cook the steak the way you asked

G: and why should you do that?

D: ggggrrrrr

G: *paddle still raised*

D: because it's the right thing to do (with a growl)


D: ouch!!!!

G: you almost had it...

D: isn't that what you wanted to hear???

G: only if and when YOU believe it

D: I do!

G: uh huh

D: really I do!

G: why should it matter how you cook my steak?

D: because I need to make sure you're taken care of???

G: SMMMACK! try harder....

D: ouch!

D: because you said so

D: and it's the right way

G: listen carefully...

G: yes. NOW you get it.

G: you should do it right because YOU care enough to want to please me

D: yes sir

G: Do you think *SMACK!* you can remember that?

D: ouch!

D: yes

G: *long pause*

G: Okay, then we've had a meeting of the minds.

G: Pull your panties up.

D: yeah... your mind meeting my behind!

D: ok

G: touche, i'll give you that one...

G: Now, are you going to tell D about this, or shall I?

D: tell D??? I could never tell her this!

G: She'll be here soon. Perhaps you could just show her your red bottom...

D: *looking down*

D: i think I need to go....

G: Oh no... not just yet

D: what?

G: I think I heard her car

D: shit!

G: I think it might be best if you just went over to that corner there and did a little corner time.

D: corner time?????

G: Yeah... now scoot!

G: and bring those panties back down too

D: gggrrrrr

D: *mumbles under breath*

G: Scoot! *SMACK!*

D: ouch! OK!

G: Now... let's get that skirt tucked up above your waist

G: and you STAY in position... no rubbing!

D: *looks back*

G: hands folded behind your back...


D: fine

G: *noise of key in the door lock*

G: There she is...

G: You stay there. I'll let her know you're here.

G: Give you some girl talk time...

D: great....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Picnic

They both had worked hard, these past few weeks, so today's picnic up in the mountains was to be a special treat -- a time for relaxation, for laughter, for fun in the sun.

Which is why he was so confused by her attitude that morning -- a bit grumpy, somewhat forgetful, often impatient. When he asked her about it, she denied it all, and told him he was "projecting." Damn, he hated when she tried to use psychology on him!

He put it out of his mind as they finished the preparations. Perhaps she'd feel better when they got to the trail and out into nature. He carefully put the last of the food and cutlery into the backpacks as she finished dressing. She emerged from the bedroom in her new hiking shorts, a white jersey pullover top, and well-worn hiking boots with baggy wool socks. He smiled at the sight of her, always so compelling and fresh. He hoped her mood would lift soon.

They drove the nearly thirty miles in uncomfortable silence, however. She found fault in his driving, as usual. She would point out cars for him to watch out for, remind him not to exceed the speed limit, and chastise him for not buying fuel sooner. Damn! She could be so moody! Fortunately, the CD player worked perfectly, and for most of the trip, they rode in silence and listened to tunes.

He tried, gently and tactfully, to change her mood, but his efforts fell flat. He then suggested that perhaps they should turn around and go home, because obviously this picnic wasn't working out well today. She responded with a flash of anger and insisted that they press on. They had planned a picnic for weeks now, and by God, they were going to have a picnic!

With an audible sigh, he drove on, thinking to himself that she needed an attitude adjustment, sooner rather than later. Fortunately, he had remembered to pack a small leather paddle in his backpack. If her behavior didn't improve rather dramatically, and rather soon, she was going to have HER picnic laying over his lap...

At long last, they arrived at the parking area and climbed out of the car. Wordlessly, they each donned their backpacks and set out on the trail. It wasn't five minutes before she was nagging him about whether he had locked the car, remembered to bring insect repellent, and had matches for the fire. Geesh! This was going to have to come to a stop immediately!

Within a few moments, they came to a small clearing beside a running brook. They had seen no one on the trail to this point, and being late in the season, he suspected that they would be alone most of the day (but then, there were NO guarantees of that!). He knew that the time to adjust her attitude was at hand.

He spotted a log, and suggested they pause their for a rest. Slipping off his backpack, he patted the space next to him for her to share. She took her sweet time, complaining about this and that, before finally plopping herself beside him.

"You know, you've been in a lousy mood all day, and frankly, it's spoiling my picnic!" he said to her.

"So? So now I'm responsible for your mood, as well? Figures... you've made me responsible for everything else this week..." she whined.

"You know, I'm a little sick and tired of taking your attitude, young lady!" His voice was firm -- the way it always was when he had spanking in mind. She couldn't help but notice it.

But she threw caution to the wind, and sassed him some more. There was no WAY he'd spank her out here, was there? He'd never spanked her in a public place before; she was safe. And by the time they'd returned home, she'd have him forgetting the whole incident....

Which is why she was totally unprepared for what happened next. He took her hand, and with one swift motion pulled her over his knee, so that her bottom was high in the air. His grip on her was like a vice -- no matter how much she wriggled and struggled, she remained glued to his lap.

"Honey!" she cried out. "You CAN'T do this here! What if someone comes along?"

"Then they will witness you getting spanked in the forest. When it is time to adjust your attitude, it must be done immediately -- you know that!"

"But honey, PLEASE!"

"Too late for that," he replied, firmly. "You've been a whining, complaining, nagging companion all day, and there's NO excuse for it. You're going to be spanked right here, and right now!"

"NOOOOoooooooo!" she responded. "You can't do this to me!" And she struggled even harder. She was very aware of what was about to happen, and yet startled when the first loud SMACK landed on her new hiking shorts.

"Ouuuuuch! You bastard!" she cried out.

With THAT, he spanked harder on her shorts. Fortunately, the thick material provided her a modest amount of protection, but she knew, with a sinking feeling, that it wouldn't do so for long.

She begged him over and over to stop, and she looked around as best she could to see whether other hikers. She would be SO embarrassed if someone happened along!

Then, thankfully, he stopped. She sighed and relaxed and struggled to regain her composure. He was through. He had gotten it out of his system. Thank God!

She heard him rummaging through his backpack. Probably wants some water, she thought. At least he's going to let me up and we can continue this charade of a picnic!

But... he DIDN'T let her up. He reached around her waist, and unsnapped her hiking shorts. Before she could even grasp what was happening, he'd pulled them down below her bottom, exposing her panties. Oh my God!!!

She squirmed on his lap and looked around as best she could and was STARTLED to see him wielding that wicked little leather paddle! "Noooooo! You're NOT going to use that on me! Pleeeeeeeease!"

Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as usual. His hand was already high in the air, clutching the paddle. She barely had time to clench her bottom when the first landed on her right cheek. "Owwwwwwwww!" she cried out!

Later, she was at least thankful that the paddling was swift. After he pulled down her panties, (to her utter embarrassment) he worked quickly. Probably no more than twenty strokes, although there was no way she could have kept count. Well aimed strokes landed on each cheek, over both cheeks, and even on her upper thighs!

But she was completely embarrassed and humbled by her first spanking outdoors. And she promised him, over and over, that her behavior would NEVER be repeated. Never!

And he accepted her promise, knowing it wouldn't be long before she forgot, and needed yet another lesson in proper behavior.

He hugged her for a long time, gently squeezing her bottom too, before allowing her to pull up her panties and shorts. He even shouldered her backpack as well, for a while, given that she was suffering from a very warm bottom.

And later, when they had found the perfect spot for the picnic, sweet and isolated and summer fragrant, he showed her how much he loved her, and she did the same. It was a picnic they would often remember, as the years rolled by.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Blog Cherry

It finally happened… G popped my blog cherry last night. I was officially added as a contributor – making Loving Discipline “our” blog!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m D, the new woman in G’s life.

I've always been a "spanko" and known that I liked it, but was always embarrassed to say anything or admit it. Growing up, I would sneak a peak at OTK photos or movies, secretly wishing that it was me being spanked.

In the past couple of years, I discovered the “spanko” blogs and stories available online. Finding out that there is a whole community of spankos out there… just like me!

One in particular “Taken In Hand” struck me. As I read through several of the articles and realized that this was the foundation of the type of relationship I have always wanted. One of the biggest factors that attracts me to a relationship such as this is that it allows both parties to bring to the table their true inner selves. It is the very definition of masculinity (dominance without being a bully) and femininity (submissiveness not weakness) without any fear or judgment from either party involved.

My dilemma… I desired the “Taken In Hand” domestic discipline aspect while at the same time, keeping the erotic / fun side of spanking in a relationship as well. It seems that a lot of the relationships out there are one side or the other, but either have difficulty or do not choose to include both as part of their partnership.

I resigned myself the fact that it was almost going to be impossible find someone who wanted these same exact things. And not only these things, but that I also “clicked” with on a intellectual and emotional level.

Impossible right? Au contraire!

One of my favorite blogs is “My Bottom Smarts.” This is how I found G. Every once in a while, Bonnie lists a few “new kids on the block” and encourages readers to take a look at these new blogs. Loving Discipline was one of them.

I clicked on the link. Little did I know my life was to soon change… dramatically.

After I started to read, I was fascinated by how G described who he was looking for, what kind of relationship he desired and how close it matched mine. It seemed genuine. He wasn't looking just for someone to spank, he was looking for a true partner. Then the kicker… I read his post “The Proper Spanking.” That was it! He described it perfectly! I never thought I would email a complete stranger, especially on this subject… but my heart, gut and mind all said – email him NOW!

The rest, as they say, is history. In one week we begin our new lives together.

We look forward to keeping this blog up-to-date with our adventures. This will be a unique perspective into a LDD relationship by offering both points of view.

Thoughts become things... choose good ones!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Broken Agreement

A couple of weeks ago, D asked me to write her a story. Well, I don't know how good I am at weaving one together, but I gave it the good old college try. Now she's suggested I post it on the blog, and after some thought, I decided to do it, to see what others think. I'd love to hear your reactions, whatever they are, to this tale:


Caroline had met James at a party a few months ago. It was one of those magical moments where everything just clicked, and they found themselves off to the side, deeply engaged in their own conversation, paying no attention to the other guests at the party.

Soon, they were dating, and before she even realized it, they were dating each other exclusively. It was grand to be in a new relationship, fully exploring one another, having adventures together and, frankly, falling in love. Life was wonderful!

Their lovemaking was very special, and unlike anything Caroline could remember from previous relationships. Far from becoming routine, they were passionate, creative, and at their best when they gave of themselves to one another, with an eye toward giving their partner whatever he or she desired as best they could.

As she thought back to the stages of their intimacy, she remembered how surprised and delighted she’d been when he would occasionally give her a quick smack with his hand on her bottom during their extended foreplay. It was not something she’d given much thought to before James, and it would never have really occurred to her to ask (or hope) that he do it.

But when he did, her arousal was immediate and took a bit of her breath away. Soon, it happened a bit more often, and she even found herself occasionally wiggling herself onto his lap as they began making love, offering her bottom to his firm hand.

It would only take a few smacks before they dissolved into other forms of lovemaking. It was never a centerpiece – always a bit of spice that took their passion to another level, and she realized she’d come to really enjoy it. Who would have thought? She laughed when she considered it.

As their relationship deepened, they would occasionally have long talks about things like their philosophy of relationships, their feelings towards one another, what it meant to be committed to another person, and so on. She treasured these times, because it meant they really were serious about one another, and she basked in the knowledge that James really cared about her; that he was serious.

He told her some of his beliefs about how relationships endure, and what his role and responsibility was when he made a commitment to a woman. She loved watching him as he revealed what was important to him, talking slowly as he carefully considered what words would convey exactly what he meant.

She could remember one theme in particular that seemed to be crucial to him. He told her that he felt almost an obligation, although that wasn’t just the right word, to have her best interests at heart at all times. It was his responsibility, he said, to help her and to guide her if he became aware of potential blind spots or unconscious habits she might have that didn’t really serve her higher self.

He told her that it was his responsibility to sort out the fine line between giving her freedom to be herself, or, as he put it, to “cut her some slack,” when she went a little too far letting off steam by cursing, or perhaps being a little inappropriate in a social setting by failing to consider another person’s feelings about a comment she might make.

If he was to be in a committed relationship with her, he wanted her to “be all she could be,” and not let herself (and others) down. And, if need be, he felt it was his job to step in and intervene in this situations.

But that was really about all he’d said, and while she agreed with his philosophy (and felt comforted that he would love her enough to help her deal with these things), thus far he hadn’t really brought it up again.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. He’d given her a quick, somewhat sharper than usual, smack on her bottom a couple of times when she’d done something rude or insensitive, and she got the point immediately, and that was that. So, as she reflected back on their conversation about his philosophy of relationships, she decided that this is what he meant about “intervening” to help her out.

One evening, she was sorting out a particularly challenging day – one of those days when nothing seemed to go right. She dropped a cup and broke it first thing in the morning. She’d gotten a call from a business associate that hadn’t gone well, and she’d said some things she already regretted. Honestly, she was a little distant from James all day, which she explained to him was “nothing personal, just a bad mood I’m in,” which didn’t seem to sit well with him. Hey, days like this happen. Get over it! I am…. she thought.

He’d been sitting in his favorite chair, absorbed in a book he was thoroughly enjoying, when she heard him ask if she’d be willing to bring him a glass of iced tea.

“Get it yourself!” she snapped at him. Instantly she felt terrible, and she mumbled an apology and brought him the tea.

He took the tea, and set it on the side table. Then he arose, and took her hand, and said to her, “Caroline, we need to take care of some things. Come with me.” He led her into the bedroom.

She followed him, but not without a bit of reluctance. She had had a rough day, and to be honest, she didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted it to end.

When they reached the bedroom, he took a seat on the bed, and had her standing in front of him. He let go of her hand.

“Caroline,” he said. “I’m feeling like I’ve let you down.” Let ME down, she thought. I’ve been moody all day and you think you’ve let ME down? Maybe this wouldn’t be so difficult after all.

“What do you mean?” she asked. She was tempted, but didn’t want to add, “I’m the one who’s let YOU down.” No point in going there if she didn’t have to!

“Yes, I’ve let you down. I’ve told you that it is my responsibility to help you be your best – and to intervene if I see you sabotaging yourself. And that’s what you’ve been doing lately – and I’ve done nothing about it. I’ve broken my agreement with you.” His tone was straightforward, and firm. She also noticed he was having no trouble coming up with the right words.

“It’s okay, honey,” she said. “You’ve had a lot on your mind lately, and as I’ve told you, I’ve been just a bit moody today. You haven’t let me down at all. You have nothing to feel badly about.”

“Yes, I have. It’s true I have a lot on my mind, but nothing is more important than what we have together. Nothing. And I’ve neglected your recent behavior, as it were. I’ve given you too much slack. I suppose I had hoped you’d see what you were doing and change it on your own, but now I realize you don’t fully understand it yourself. It’s time to make it clear to you what happens when you sabotage yourself and others by using a “bad mood” to rationalize poor choices.”

“What are you going to do?” Caroline managed to ask. She really didn’t want to have a long conversation about making choices. She really wasn’t in the mood for that!

“I’m going to give you discipline, Caroline. Tonight, I’m going to take you over my knee and spank some sense into you!”

“What??? You’re going to do what?” Caroline’s mind was racing. “You’re not really serious, are you? Take me over your knee like I was a little girl and spank me? No way.”

“Caroline, you must learn that there will be consequences for poor behavior. I see now that being subtle, or giving you too much space just doesn’t work. From this point forward, I am going to take you over my knee and spank you whenever I feel it’s the only way to help you learn, to help you grow into the person you are meant to be.

“Now pull down those pants and get into position!”

She couldn’t. He wouldn’t dare! This couldn’t be happening! Spanking was supposed to be a fun thing – an erotic thing – not a punishment!

She looked into his eyes as best she could, with her facing hanging down a bit. He was serious. He was going to take her over his knee and spank her. There was no further doubt…

As much as she fought herself, she knew it was inevitable. She even knew, on some secret level of her mind that she dared not acknowledge, even to herself, that he was right. She deserved this. She’d earned it. And perhaps, she thought, if he spanks me properly, I can shake myself from this mindset I’ve been trapped in.

Of course, another part of her mind was screaming in her head: He’s really going to SPANK ME!! And not as prelude to love-making, but seriously spank me? Oh, my God!

On the other hand, she knew his spanking. She knew his style. She remembered that it was actually a source of pleasure. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all!

She found herself slowly unbuttoning her pants and sliding them down her thighs to about her knees. She could already feel her juices begin to flow as she imagined his strong hand on her bare bottom. Her resistance began to melt as she contemplated her spanking – but her thoughts remained on the possibility of eroticism, and certainly NOT on discipline. She could not let herself even contemplate what that might be like.

Once in position, she waited for him to begin. But he didn’t start right away – no, he began talking about all the little things she’d been doing lately that were inappropriate or counter-productive, or simply rude and insensitive. He wasn’t exactly lecturing, but his tone and pace were firm and steady. She began to sink into his lap as the list of transgressions went on.

And then, without warning, he smacked her bare bottom – HARD! No warm up, no warning, no little rubbing first. No, just a sharp spank that sent bolts of electricity through her body.

And then another, and another! Hard, completely unpredictable spanks that quickly had her gasping, writhing, and reaching back to protect her bottom.

“It’s too hard, honey!” she cried out. “I’m sorry! I won’t do any of those awful things again! Stop and let’s talk!!!”

He didn’t even appear to have heard her. The spanking continued, blow after blow, and her bottom was soon becoming crimson. He talked throughout, but not excessively. He would bring up a transgression, and then land smack after smack. It was sooo much harder than anything he’d done before.

Finally, at long last, he paused. She let out an audible sigh. It’s over at last, she thought.
But then, he seemed to reach over to grab something that had been hidden under a pillow. She looked back in astonishment as he produced a wooden paddle.

“What is THAT?” she yelled out. “You’re not going to use that, are you? Please – please don’t spank me with that!”

“Caroline,” he explained with what she would only later realize was in a very patient manner, “when I spank you as foreplay, I’ll use my hand. But when you’ve earned a disciplinary spanking, there will be implements. They are able to bring you to a more thorough understanding of the lesson than my hand can. Now lay still.”

To her still unbelieving mind, she watched in dread as he raised the paddle. “This is our first disciplinary spanking, so you’re going to get ten strokes with the paddle, both for your behavior, and so that you can learn how it actually feels to be paddled. Perhaps you will take that knowledge forward and remember those feelings the next time you have an impulse to be rude and inconsiderate!”

The next several minutes seemed to last forever. Over and over, ten times in all, he raised the paddle and delivered a sharp, stinging blow on her already sore bottom. Ten times she squirmed, kicked, and slipped out of position. It never got easier. It hurt. But it worked – it drove the lessons home. She thought she’d been sorry and full of remorse after he’d used his hand (with NO warm up, even!), but this was different. Whereas she’d actually been sorry to find herself in this embarrassing and vulnerable position, when he paddled her, she reached a new level of understanding and insight.

No longer was she sorry she was being spanked. At long last, she was actually sorry for her behavior. She truly was remorseful and already committing herself to doing better. She wasn’t trying to stop him with empty promises, she was sincere. She really did understand.

And, when James could sense this, it was over. The ten blows with the paddle had taken her learning to a new level, and she now understood both the value of, and the sensations produced, in a disciplinary spanking.

Her bottom was on fire! Her heart was open and filled with love for this man who cared enough to put her higher self first – even when she didn’t. It hurt more than she could have imagined beforehand, but she would have to struggle to find the words that described how appropriately it hurt.

She’d “done the crime,” and now she’d “done the time.”

Afterwards, James rubbed her bottom with a tenderness she didn’t think possible. Then he pulled her up onto his lap so that he could hold her, and she could make her final surrender to her feelings. His strong arms around her, she melted in his loving embrace.

At long last, James spoke. “That, my dear, precious, sweet Caroline, is a disciplinary spanking. Perhaps there will be little need for them as we go forward. That remains to be seen. But I can promise you this – I will never break my agreement with you – to help you and guide you towards your best self – your higher self. I won’t let you slip too far when you fall off the path we both know you want to take. I will spank you if that’s what it takes to enable you to be the person you want to be, and the person I’ve fallen in love with.”

And a little while later, they made love. It was slow and loving and caring and intimate, and they would remember that evening for a long time to come.

Long afterwards, she would still marvel at how being taken in hand and put over his knee for a disciplinary spanking had been exactly what she needed – what they both needed – to take their relationship to another level. Who would have thought???

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Safe Word - for the relationship?

As D and I start our new relationship, we've decided to try a twist on the safe word concept. We've both read lots of blogs and realize that relationships have their ups and downs, and sometimes it's hard (particularly in this kind of relationship!) to have clear communication about how things are going.

So we're going to experiment with a Safe Word for the relationship. Just as many people have one for spanking (and we do), this word is code for STOP: We need to talk. It's not to be used lightly, and we believe that we'll normally be talking and processing quite naturally. But, if one or the other of us feels things have just gotten too far off track, we will use our relationship safe word to bring everything to a brief time-out, so we can share what's going on, what's working, and what's not.

Neither of us feel this will be "topping from the bottom" by any means. Like anyone else, we're both susceptible to the inevitable dynamics of relationships, meaning there could be times when one of us feels the other is taking things for granted, or not sharing concerns for fear of rocking the boat, and so on.

Our relationship Safe Word means we've pre-committed to dealing with the issue before it happens. It's only for the most serious issues, and again, we both hope it never has to be used. But it's there in case one or the other of us feels that we need to talk! and can't think of another way to make it happen.

Now, we have to come up with a word. Any suggestions?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The magic of blogging!

Sometimes, you just have to trust the Universe to provide!

I started this blog about six weeks ago in the hopes of finding my ideal match. With the power and anonymity of the blog, I wondered whether or not I could find that one elusive person out there who wanted what I wanted - a committed relationship that included loving discipline.

Frankly, I had my doubts. Finding someone compatible is hard enough without adding the dimension of spanking and discipline. But I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I published the blog and then "let it go." I did nothing to publicize it or promote it. I thought that perhaps the right someone would find me by through Google, sooner or later.

Then Bonnie, of My Bottom Smarts surprised me by linking my blog to her blog when she introduced several new spanking blogs. I didn't even realize she'd done it until a day or so later, when I got an email from D - the new love of my life - who found my blog through Bonnie's.

She emailed, we clicked, and voila! We found each other!

Never underestimate the power of the blog - or perhaps more important, trust the Universe. When you get clear about what you want, put it out there, and let go, wonderful surprises are going to happen.