Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Before and After

We've added a "before" and "after" picture of D getting a spankin' (to the right). Love to hear what you think of the pics!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Which side of the bed?

I had to do a test the other day to determine which side of the bed was best for spanking D. The problem was she had put on some delicious jammies, and they always give me the itch to do some spanking.

So, we tried it on the left side of the bed, and on the right side of the bed, and finally, as you see, laying over the footboard.

Turns out all sides of the bed are PERFECT for a good spanking, as you can see. :-)

What is it about jammies that just cry out for a good spankin'?

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Welcome Home

My business trip took me away for 3 days. Needless to say, I was VERY anxious to get back to my new home and life with G.

I drove to my destination and now I had a 5 hour trip back. Now... I do freely admit I have a bit of a lead foot when it comes to driving in general. And on this particular day all I could think of is being back in G's arms, so I found myself speeding and making a couple of real bonehead moves on the road.

When I came to realization that I came rather close to being in or causing an accident, (and given the nature of our relationship) I decided to tell G what I had done and accept the consequences.

When I pulled into the driveway G came out to greet me and hugged and kissed me tenderly. With great pride and enthusiasm, he showed me all of the things he had done while I was away to make our new home even more comfortable for us. Then he led me into the bedroom. He had taken great care to make the setting ooze romance. Lying on the bed was a men's dress shirt (one of his favorite things he likes his lady to wear) and one of our favorite implements. A black leather strap that when used lightly can be incredibly erotic. But when used for disciplinary purposes, it leaves quite an impression (both physically and mentally!)

Now I felt even worse. I was about to ruin this wonderful romantic moment and turn it into one of discipline. G told me to take a shower and to put on the shirt. He would be waiting in the living room for me.

As I let the hot water wash over me, I contemplated... Do I spoil the mood and confess my misbehavior, or do I wait until tomorrow? Well... I knew if I waited the punishment would be even more severe.

As we we cuddled and kissed on the couch. I said in a very low voice... "I have a confession to make." G sat up and looked me in the eye. "And what would that be?" I began to explain what had happened on the road. He definitely was not pleased. He decided that we needed to take care of this immediately. After some deliberation, (much to my dismay) G declared the punishment would be 50 strokes with the implement that had earlier been laid out for use. The black leather strap.

He led me to the bedroom where he asked me to get into position. Reluctantly, I proceeded to crawl onto the bed, place two pillows underneath me as I laid down on my tummy. As he raised the shirt to expose my bare bottom, he asked me why we were doing this. Sheepishly I answered "Because I sped and drove recklessly."

"That's right. Are you ready?"

After a few moments, I did answer "yes."

"And count every stroke."

"Yes sir."

The first couple of strokes, G mercifully took it a little easier. But they still stung. When the count reached 10, G paused and proceeded to lecture me on how foolish and selfish it was to take those type of chances. Then he started again, much harder.

"11, 12, 13..."

This was the first time G had me count the strokes. I must say, when the blows are coming that hard and quick, it is very difficult to concentrate on counting numbers, but I did manage... barely. Every 10 strokes G paused and I received another lecture. We finally reached 30. Almost done. I was not sure I could take it anymore and was almost crying at this point (most likely out of guilt than the pain of the spanking).

"31, 32, 33..."

When G reached 40 he did not stop this time and just kept on going. I have not felt this kind of pain during a spanking... ever. When the count of 50 was finally reached, I melted into the bed.

G decided I needed one more, and did not hold back.


I felt the strap being gently laid across my red hot bottom. G told me not to move and think about what just happened. He left the room. After several minutes, G returned and whispered into my ear, "I want you to also think about how new our relationship is and that you almost put and end to it before it had a chance to begin." He left the room again.

That killed me. I have to say, I have never felt this kind of regret for my actions. I did realize how foolish it was and how my actions could have affected not only my life, but the lives of so many others.

After he returned, he declared that it was done and over with and it was time to return to more pleasant matters. The rest of the evening was sublime and romantic. I was filled with gratitude and love.

In conclusion; I am very happy that I have chose this lifestyle and that I have found a man like G to love me, hold my hand and lead me to be a better person.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome home!

D has been away on a short business trip for three days. She'll be home tonight. A short while ago, she sent me a text to give me her estimated time of arrival.

I responded with one of my own: "What will you want first...a little food, a little spanking, or a hot bath?"

She responded, "You are a freakin' mind reader! The first thing is a huge hug and a kiss from you!"

I think I'll lay out a favorite implement on the bed. It's going to be a great homecoming!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Top and Bottom Haircut

Just a personal preference, I tend to like longer hair on men. I expressed this to G, so he decided to let his hair grow out a bit. It got to the point that it was driving him nuts, so it was time to visit his favorite barber.

When he sat down in the chair, he expressed how his new girlfriend prefers it long. The barber took note of this and started to trim.

At the end of the haircut as G was inspecting his handy work in the mirror, the barber said;

“You’ll like the top, she’ll like the bottom.”

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Her First Disciplinary Spanking

Perhaps she'd been lulled into a false sense of security. After all, our relationship isn't very old, but we've already enjoyed many a playful or erotic spanking - and no disciplinary action at all.

We click on every level imaginable. Of course spanking and the idea of a loving discipline relationship drew us together, but it was all the other things, big and small, which "sealed the deal" as far as we're concerned.

But, although we'd talked about it from time to time, there simply had been no reason to take her over my knee for proper discipline until that day. It was a day which started out just like all others, and there was no foreshadowing of what was to come...

I had to run an errand for a friend in the morning, and D decided to tag along. At first I gave that no second thought - I would always choose to have D with me if that's possible. Then I remembered that D had told me she had a lot of work to get done back home, and I saw how she was avoiding her responsibilities. And I further remembered how she'd told me that one of the things she wanted to work on was procrastination.

Still and all, it didn't quite rise to the level of a disciplinary spanking, to my way of thinking that morning. After all, we are still quite new to this relationship, and any time we can spend together is a blessing!

The errand involved having to pay a small fee to visit a museum. We arrived, and D then suddenly "remembered" she'd forgotten her wallet! The money wasn't the issue -- but I was more than a little concerned that she would leave the house without her identification, let alone cash or credit cards. Rather irresponsible!

Later that day, I was out and about, and found myself in front of a grocery store, which reminded me that D had said she would pick up some olive oil when she went to the store herself. I called to see whether she'd completed the task.

She'd forgotten all about it.

She'd also promised to make a duplicate house key. Playing a hunch, I asked her if she'd tried out the new key to see if it worked.

She'd forgotten to get the new key as well.

It was all too obvious at that point. D was procrastinating, forgetting things, and not following through with promises. None of them major offenses, but the pattern was crystal clear. And, there was only one thing to do to get this nipped in the bud. I sent D a text:

I’ll be home in half an hour. I’ll expect you upstairs, in position, bottom bare.

T0 her credit, I found D upstairs, laying on the bed, a pillow beneath her and her bare bottom waiting for whatever was in store.

I said nothing at first, but changed my clothes and prepared to deliver her first disciplinary spanking. I was proud of her for being ready, for not arguing, for clearly understanding that this was not to be something playful or erotic.

I chose to use Bloomie, a wooden spoon we'd purchased at Bloomingdales, for the spanking. It has a sharp sting and really drives home a point. I gave D a brief lecture, detailing the four reasons she was about to be spanked.

I told her these offenses deserved about ten strokes with Bloomie. She seemed to accept her fate until I made it clear that what I meant was ten strokes for EACH offense. Forty in all. She gasped.

I quickly delivered the first ten, and then the next ten. She was handling it fairly well - no wiggling, no protesting, not even much kicking except what was clearly involuntary.

When I got to thirty, D seemed to melt into the mattress. There was something about her body language that told me she was contrite, she had accepted responsibility, she had remorse, and she was committed to really changing her ways next time.

But a deal is a deal, and I had ten more strokes to deliver. They were delivered steadily and firmly, and D almost shook as she took her punishment.

And then, in the blink of an eye, it was over. I pulled her close and stroked her hair and neck. I held her for a long time, letting her know how much I love her, and how proud I was that she'd taken her punishment "like a big girl."

No corner time (this time).

When it was over, it was over. The slate was clean. After holding D for quite some time, I slipped away so she could pull herself together.

The first disciplinary spanking was over at last. And, when I spank to discipline, when the spanking is over, the incident is over as well. The reasons for the spanking are wiped clean. As if to prove this point, when I began to write this post today, a couple of days after the event, I had to ask D -- "Now, what was it I disciplined you for the other day?"

I honestly had forgotten the offenses. I don't hold on -- to do so would be very unfair. She did the "crime," and she did the "time," and we both moved on.