Friday, September 19, 2008

Sunday at SL: Happiness & Sadness

Sunday morning we ended up in Jules room visiting, laughing, hearing tales of the night before and of past spanking parties. G also had a fun time playing with several bratty girls.

I won’t try to explain the lovely giraffe. Suffice to say, she got what she deserved, corner time and a good flogging.

Of course the sadness came when we had to say our good-byes. We checked out and headed on home around 1pm. The drive home went by rather quickly as G and I talked about all our adventures and feelings we had over the weekend. I was pleased to find out that we were on the same page on many things especially on the subject of playing with other people. The “ugly green monster” did not rear it’s ugly head as we feared it might. In fact, from my point of view it was fun to watch G play with someone else. I enjoyed seeing how much he was getting out of it. It’s true… when he’s happy, I’m happy.

All in all – I am delighted that we attended the Shadow Lane party. Sure there were negatives, but the positives sure outweighed any of them.

I would encourage anyone who is just thinking about attending a spanking party to go at least once. To quote Hunter S. Thompson: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

So, after finally experiencing a party first hand, my advice would be:
• Make sure to connect with people via blogs and the bulletin board before the party. Jules said something that proved to be very true, “a spanking party is as good as the company you keep.”
• If you are going to go as a couple, make sure to communicate and talk about your feelings.
• Be prepared for the post-party drop. I usually feel down after a vacation, but it his me particularly hard after SL (for those of you who are subs and dabble in BDSM – it was just like sub-drop.)

I know that this post has been long overdue. My vanilla life once again has taken center stage and just in general a bit overwhelmed right now. I have been lurking on all of my favorite blogs, but I have had no desire lately to write a post or comment. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was spanking D the other day with a ping pong paddle, and it broke.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday Night - Pain and Pleasure

Dinner that evening was a more formal affair, For me, it’s always fun to play dress up – even in the vanilla world. I had bought a “little black dress” for the occasion. G wore a black suit with black turtleneck. G is very handsome. And when he dresses for an occasion, he ramps is up his good looks a notch and it just turns me on to no end. We were lucky we made it down to the dinner at all. Needless to say, we were a little late showing up.

We sat a great table with good people and conversation. I was feeling much more comfortable. G and I even took a spin on the dance floor. We decided to head back up and attend some suite parties. As we were leaving, we stopped to say hi to Rad and Sandy. Sandy asked if we still wanted to play. I was feeling much more comfortable, thinking she meant sometime later that evening giving me some time to mentally “prepare” (what ever the hell that means). I said “Sure!” She looked at her watch and said “How about in a ½ hour?”

“ummm…. Ahhhhh….. ummmm…..” That was my brilliant reply. I thought I would have at least an hour or two to back out of it. Thank goodness G had the power speech and said “OK, ½ hour in our suite.” She said it would just be her, Rad had a couple of prior commitments.

Nothing like being thrown into the deep end. Luckily, I’m an excellent swimmer.

I had bought an adorable plaid jumper complete with leather suspenders from Betsy Johnson to wear for G (he has a thing for naughty school girls among other things). He talked me into wearing it for the scene. I had a white cotton shirt, knee high stockings and patent leather Mary Jane shoes to complete the ensemble. It put me into the mindset completely. I was also surprisingly calm. The knock came at the door and in walked both Sandy and Rad. His appt. had rescheduled and he was able to play too. They both seemed to like what I was wearing. We all sat down and started with just general chit-chat. Then the subject turned to how we were going to play the scene. Sandy suggested since the way I was dressed that I was obviously a school girl who needs to be disciplined. Then she started to paint the picture and background on why I was there. Then Rad took over on the explanation which then turned into scolding, Before I knew it – the game was on.

Almost instantaneously, I was no longer D, I was a bratty school girl who couldn’t understand at all why she deserved any discipline at all. What a high this was for me. I love role play (hi, my name is D, and I’m a frustrated actress) and I had 3 people to bounce off of that are excellent at it. The roles ended up being Principal (Rad), Teacher (Sandy) and Dad (G). I liked the fact that we didn’t over discuss what our roles were going to be, etc. It just developed naturally. Much like a great improv session.

Having never played with either Rad or Sandy, I didn’t know how far I could push the envelope. This just added to the excitement and enjoyment of the scene. Now I know I could have pushed even harder than I did (and next time I will).

The scene lasted for 45 minutes and no one broke character the entire time. I’m not going to go into details here, but from OTK, corner time, strapped over the arm of the sofa, strapped while restrained and panty gagged on the bed, I almost had enough for one day.

After it was all over with I was in subspace heaven. I kept on asking, “Did you all get as much out of that as I did?” They all assured me that they absolutely did. Rad and Sandy had another appointment to get to. We hugged and all agreed that it would be great to play with each other in the future.

G and I decided to cruise a couple of suite parties. We ended up socializing into the wee hours of the morning. I was actually giddy – I couldn’t stop smiling, on a spanko high the rest of the night. All in all a great way to end the day.

I would like to thank Rad and Sandy for not being “gentle” to this spanko virgin (see my “firsts” list). They were fabulous and gave me exactly what I needed and didn’t hold back. Never at any time did I feel uncomfortable or had any thought of “I don’t want to be doing this.”

And a very special thanks to G – my lover and confidant. He has been and continues to be my rock that I can depend on. Encouraging and pushing me in directions that maybe I might not agree with but he knows that they are in my best interest.

This is a memory I will not soon forget and will always remember with a smile on my face.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday Afternoon - Pleasure

I responded to Sandy and said we would stop by.

It was just a couple of friends getting together for “coffee talk” (said in a Brooklyn accent). I don’t know why, but there, I felt comfortable. There was no spanking going on, just friends getting together having a good time. I hadn’t laughed that much all weekend thanks to Jules and her fabulous set of rules (these will be highlighted in a future blog post). Also Katy-Lynn and KathyCA had us rolling.

After a little while, I was asked by someone, “So what do you think so far?” After a considerable pause, I confessed, “I’m a bit overwhelmed” and also admitted that I might not want to play with anyone but G. I also shared what had happened at the sisterhood party. Every single person there related and repeated what G had told me the night before. I shouldn’t do anything that I don’t feel comfortable doing and that people will respect that. It meant so much to have my feelings validated and find out I wasn’t alone. After awhile the gathering broke up. We exchanged phone and emails with several people and then headed downstairs for lunch.

I was feeling much better. After lunch we gambled a little. I even won a jackpot and was able to come home with a little extra money. G and I eventually worked our way back upstairs to our suite where we had one of the best spanking / love making sessions of the weekend.

Things were definitely looking up.

To be continued…

Saturday Morning – Pain

I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of my phone alerting me to a voice mail. I was feeling the same way I went to sleep, disappointed and a little depressed.

The voicemail was from Suzy reminding me that the Sisterhood party was at 10am. Hosted by Kat and Dee, the sisterhood meeting has become a tradition at SL. It involves a gathering of ladies on Saturday morning and is a fun time sharing and eating. About an hour after it starts mystery spankers come to the party and you can participate if you want or not. I was very reluctant to go and started to make excuses on why I shouldn’t.

At this point, I think G had finally had enough and punctuated his feelings on the matter with an OTK session. He insisted that it would be good for me to get out and go. It didn’t take long for me to see his point of view (after all, “Life is Good”). I took a shower, got dressed and went on my way.

I walked into the suite and was welcomed immediately. There were about 15 ladies in all and I wasn’t the only newbie. I still felt uneasy but tried to relax and get out my own head. We talked and introduced ourselves. About 45 minutes had passed and a couple of “mystery spankers” showed up (Magic Steve and Uncle David). All the ladies seemed delighted. I on the other hand started to freak. “I don’t want to get spanked.”, “I was enjoying the talk, what happened?” I made a really lame excuse and bolted. I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot and made a great first impression.

I went back to the room and explained what happened to G. He, as always, understood and said he was proud of me for at least trying.

It was almost lunch time and we decided to head downstairs to the coffee shop. On our way out the door I received a text message from Sandy saying that if we had time we should come by and say hi.

To be continued…

On a side note regarding bolting from the sisterhood party. I loathe liers and lying in general. Making up an excuse to get out of the party is something I am most certainly not proud of. My sincerest apologies to all involved and especially to Suzy who was and continues to be so kind to me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday: Anxiety and Disappointment

I met Rad (Radspace) and Sandy (This Cat is Crazy & The Corporal Consultant) over breakfast. (G didn’t make it… he was up rather late (ahem) and when I left the room, he just had one eye open). I was incredibly nervous to start meeting people in person. Of course, after the first initial “How do you do’s” that feeling disappeared. Sandy and Rad seem to be well known in the scene and have quite the following (spanko rock stars if you will – even if they won’t admit it.) As people trickled into the coffee shop, they would stop by and say hi, exchange room numbers, etc. They graciously introduced me and slowly but surely that feeling of anxiety was whittled down to non-existent. Then Rad asked, “So, do you want to play sometime this weekend?” On the outside I acted very matter of fact and said “Sure.” But on the inside I was shouting… YAY!! YIPPPEEE!!! He wants to play with me!! I looked over at Sandy and said I would also like to play with her, and she seemed to like that idea as well.

And then then all of a sudden, the anxiety feeling started to creep in again… “Oh shit… this is really going to happen.”

We ended breakfast and would discuss specifics of when and where we would play to a later time. As we were walking out of the coffee shop we ran into G. Introductions were made and then Sandy and I attended to “girly” duties for the rest of the morning leaving the boys to their own devices and appointments.

Sandy and I had a couple of hours of alone time, and I enjoyed her company completely. One of the most pleasant surprises for me was how many women I got along with (I have very few girlfriends). I just seem to get along with and be more comfortable with men. Finding a woman that I can talk to so openly and freely and that isn’t threatened by who I am and what I’m into is a wonderful and rare occurrence. And not only did I feel this with Sandy, there were several women I felt I connected with.

Friday night was the vendors fair. We didn’t know where to go so I posted a “help us, we are lost” message on the SL bulletin board. About an hour before the fair, I received a call from Suzy (of Todd & Suzy – American Spanking Society) saying that they would show us the way to the fair. (I still can’t get over how friendly everyone was). They came up to the suite and we all headed down together.

The fair was fun but a little smaller than I expected (as far as the number of vendors present). It was a great time to get to know people and find out about what suite parties were planned for the night. I really enjoyed meeting everyone, but I started feeling overwhelmed. I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around what was going on around me. As people were making play dates and a demo paddlings were taking place, I came to the stark realization that I might not want to play with anyone else but G.

After the fair we attended one suite party. The feeling of shyness and disappointment started to overtake me. I started thinking that people would look down on me if I didn’t play. I know it was completely stupid to feel this way, but I did. I found myself wanting to be anywhere else but there. G was very understanding and took me back to our room. We talked for awhile and he assured me any feelings I might have are valid and I shouldn’t do anything I don’t want to do. We still had each other and that’s what matters most. I agreed, but the feeling that I was letting him and everyone else down never left me. G wasn’t sleepy at all and decided to stay up. He kissed me goodnight, I pulled the covers over my head and quickly fell asleep.

Maybe I’ll feel different tomorrow.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Emotions at SL

A lot of personal firsts were achieved at SL:

  • In same space with 300+ spankos

  • Spanked by someone other than sexual partner

  • Not hiding the fact I'm being spanked

  • Topped by a woman

  • Topped by 3 people at the same time

  • Pain Slut that I am, I almost had enough spanking in one day

Something that really took my by surprise were my emotions. They ran the gambit;

Thursday: Anticipation and Excitement
Friday: Anxiety and Disappointment
Saturday: Pleasure and Pain
Sunday: Happiness and Saddness

I was planning to blog and twitter as events were happening, but found myself wanting to be more “in the moment” and write about it afterwards. Then when we arrived home, our vanilla lives took over. I've have also been coming down from the party high and have felt drained all week.

My apologies if SL is old news by now, but I would like to elaborate on each day. It’s more for me to sort out my feelings than anything else. That being said, this blog post could easily turn into a novel. So I am going to turn each day into a separate entry. Thursday I’ve already posted. Next up Friday: Anxiety and Disappointment.