Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spanking in Public

There are many reasons I like to go to Shadowlane parties. It’s a wonderful time with D, in part because our spankings that weekend are even more fun, or more intense, or both.

I like going because I’ll be surrounded by like-minded people for 48 hours, and I will probably make some new friends (that’s happened both years now).

I enjoy seeing what’s for sale at the Vendor’s Fair. We made a terrific purchase once again.

And, to be completely honest, I love seeing people get spanked.

That’s why suite parties are so special – people (who want to play) get spanked, both privately and in full view of the others. Sometimes playfully, often quite hard. Sometimes on their panties, and often on the bare.

I love it.

I came to realize this year that what’s particularly exciting for me is to see D getting spanked by someone else. It’s really the only way I get to see her facial expressions and her body language from a distance. The first time, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Hey! That’s MY lady you’re spanking! But that didn’t last long at all, partly because I could tell that D loved it so much.

Last year, we did a private scene, in which another couple came to our room and gave D a sound thrashing for being a recalcitrant school girl. She was dressed exactly right for her part. They played a principal and teacher who had had it with D, and determined that she needed to be spanked for her naughty behavior. I was mostly outside of the scene, being a teacher (if I remember) who had turned her in. It was, for the most part, a three-person scene with me as a witness. (Of course, I egged them on throughout!)

It was fantastic. D earned an academy award, in my opinion, but so did the other couple, who were always in character, and who weren’t, shall we say, willing to spare the rod. They both got their licks in and they know how to spank!

This year, neither of us played a private scene with anyone. Instead, we went to, and hosted our own suite parties, where there is little role play but lots of spankings. I started us off at the first party, taking D into the kitchenette and giving her bottom a sound thrashing with a small paddle. It was really a “semi-public” spanking because the rest of the guests could only see us from about the shoulders up (over the counters) from their seats in the living room. Of course, they could hear all the smacks and reactions.

Soon after, a top needed a volunteer to take a spanking with his giant rice stirring paddle. I nudged D and helped volunteer her. It was thrilling to watch her walk over to take her place bent over a sofa, her skirt lifted. I watched the whole spanking sitting in front of her, seeing every expression on her face. I loved it. (And so did she, by the way…)

Later at the same party, I met someone I had corresponded with beforehand, and she made it clear she deserved to be taken over my lap. We retreated to the bedroom and I got down to business. Moments later, her husband had D by the hand, and he led her to the same room and proceeded to give her a spanking as well. (Not hard enough, she ‘fessed to me later.)

At one point, there were four spankings going on in that bedroom, which had two large beds and a chair. It was fantastic!

In our own suite party, we played a “Newlywed Game” that I created for spanking couples. There were no prizes or consequences; it was just a great way to get to know one another. But when it ended, one top stood up and said he wanted a door prize. Moments later he walked over to D, took her hand, and led her into the bedroom for a spanking. I loved it! (Again, so did she!)

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll deliver an authentic, panties down, bare bottom spanking to D in a real public setting, no matter how delicious the fantasy. I do value not getting arrested, and so does she!

But at Shadowlane, I can scratch that itch. I can spank others, I can watch others being spanked. I can learn a few things from other tops (and even the bottoms). And I can enjoy seeing D spanked by someone else. I can’t quite put words on why that is so special to me, but it is.


  1. Every time I hear more about Shadowlane, the more interested I become...so does my Sir. Thanks for all of the wonderful descriptions.

  2. I have to agree with you. I love watching my wife get spanked by another guy...almost as much as I love spanking her myself.

    It's always fun to be in a suite party, chatting with someone, and glancing over to see a spanking going on. I wish all parties were like that!

  3. @thepinkpoppet: it's already confirmed, there will be another Las Vegas party next Labor Day weekend! You two have to come!

    @Fireman Chris: Maybe next year, I'll spank your wife, and you can spank D? :-)