Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boardwalk Badness Weekend in review

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. What can I say?

I've just returned home from Atlantic City, where I was among the 200+ guests at the (now becoming) famous Boardwalk Badness Weekend party. D and I were there last year, but this year, it was just me. D is just not quite ready to return to the scene. (But she didn't stay home and moan and groan about it - she went to Florida to watch the shuttle launch!)

I had mixed feelings about attending the party. For starters, I hadn't played with anyone at all in the past several months. It was a bit odd to imagine myself going from complete deprivation to total immersion in one fell swoop! I wasn't sure exactly how I would feel when I would find myself surrounded by old friends (and new ones as well) who were all not only in the scene, but ready to play!

For another, I'm not at my best in parties (of any kind) when I'm on my own. Interestingly, I'm fine - I'm in my element, actually, when I'm in charge of an event involving large numbers of people. I can get up in front of them, make presentations, be funny, be in command of the unfolding event, and so on - but if I'm simply a participant, I get shy and reserved, and often feel like I don't belong there. I know that's foolish but it is what it is.

So off I went to Atlantic City - and getting there turned out to be a challenging adventure. Because of the tornadoes that struck the south last week, flying was not easy. I made it to D.C. on the red eye fairly easily, although we had to circle the airport for 45 minutes before landing. Then the fun began.

My connecting flight to Philly was delayed, and then cancelled. They were able to reroute me through Harrisburg and then on to Philly, but then THAT flight was delayed. And then it was delayed again. And when it finally came to pass, I knew I would miss my connection flight to Philly. And then there was the question of whether my checked luggage would make it (I had started out on United Airlines and was now being booked on a US Air flight.

I finally made it to Harrisburg, and then got paged because they had pulled my checked bag OFF the plane. They realized their error, and told me they would put it back on the flight back to Philly. My connecting flight was late as well, so I was able to board it and get to Philly. Upon arrival, I learned that my checked bag was lost. LOST!

Getting to Atlantic City was my next challenge. I have a friend who had agreed to meet me at the airport that morning and take me to the train station. Now it was evening, but she really came through for me - meeting me at the airport and driving me all the way to AC. I was very grateful.

And the next morning, my luggage was delivered to the Chelsea Hotel. All's well that ends well - and I kept reminding myself that hundreds of people in the south had a horrible experience with the tornadoes, and my traveling challenges paled by comparison.

But it did take about 23 hours, mostly awake, to get from home to Atlantic City. Phew!


I won't review all the party in this post - perhaps next time. But here's some headlines:

  • The party was amazingly well organized and lots of fun for just about everyone I talked to. The organizers are getting lots of kudos afterwards, and they deserve every single one. If I were to attend only one spanking party per year, this would be it. 
  • I had the opportunity to play with a few people, and it was indeed fun. Whatever I was worrying about it terms of total immersion simply disappeared. It was just like old times. 
  • One of my highlights had to be spanking people bare bottom on the bow of a 60-foot boat that was rented for the exclusive use of 44 intrepid souls from the party as we cruised out into the ocean. Hard to spank, keep your balance, and not fall overboard all at the same time.
All in all, I had a good time, and I was glad I went. But I missed D a LOT. In particular, Saturday evening, which was the theme dinner party. Everyone, including me, was dressed in Boardwalk Empire outfits and lots of people had put a lot into their appearance. I'd even purchased a genuine beaver bowler hat for my outfit (and got several complements). But in the middle of this dinner, I suddenly felt incredibly lonesome and missing D a lot - in part because I knew how much she would have enjoyed getting into some kind of 1920s outfit, and in part because I just wanted to have her on my arm at an event like this. It wasn't about spanking at all - it was about being together and enjoying an event together like we had in the past. 

So I left that event early and went back to my room and just allowed myself to feel my lonesomeness for a while. 

The next day (the last day) was quite fun, in spite of the fact that I thought that for me the party was over and I wanted to be home. It began with the Disciplinary Court which, as always, was a laugh riot. Then came the "sea cruise" which was a new event not officially part of the party but organized by a participant. 

We arrived at the boat about 5:30 or so to find it was not at all what anyone had in mind. We boarded a 50 or 60 foot fishing boat, which didn't have food, drink, or music (all of which I had imagined), and off we went. 

Well, perhaps the boat wasn't the prettiest or the fanciest, but with 44 spankos aboard, it was just a blast. The jokes about our "three hour tour" began in earnest, and comparisons to Ginger, Mary Ann, Gilligan, the Professor, and all the other characters soon sprang into life. 

And here's the funniest part: the ship's captain thought we were an "Adult Speaking Group," (whatever THAT is), not an Adult Spanking Group. This gave rise to a new fetish on Fetlife: being "into" Adult Speaking. 

Coming home was another adventure. I set my alarm for 7 PM instead of 7 AM by accident, and consequently completely missed my scheduled return flights and had to book a new flight home. I finally dragged my tired butt into my place at midnight - no late flights, no rebookings, and no lost luggage. Phew!

So - it was a fun party, and I'm glad I went. I still wish D had been able to be with me - it simply wasn't the same without her.