Thursday, March 1, 2012

Epilogue: The Final Post

I began this blog four years ago, in March, 2008. I haven't posted in many months, as I've been sorting out the dissolution of the relationship this blog is all about. The time has come for  my final post (most likely), although I will keep the blog open because I think there are things in here still worth sharing with others.

It's been an awesome, amazing, unpredictable, and fascinating journey that I've documented here. The 89 previous posts tell the story and reveal the full arc of my relationship with a woman named D, from onset to closure - a loving journey that in many ways was far more than I could have hoped for, and perhaps far briefer than I would have chosen.

I began the blog to see if I might attract a woman who shared my interest in a relationship that focused on (but wasn't exclusively built on) "domestic discipline." That is, I knew I wanted to be in a relationship that included discipline, but was also a complete relationship in other ways too. I wanted to find someone to love, not just to spank. 

In fact, in one of my earliest posts, I described it this way:

"I sought a woman who wants to be part of a committed so-called "domestic discipline" relationship. I was NOT seeking a woman who just wants to get spanked." 

Traditional methods of finding a love-interest (what an odd term!) hadn't been working. This was an experiment - I'd publish the blog, describing me, what I liked (and didn't like), what I was looking for, and so forth, to see what might happen. I was going to "trust the Universe" to bring me what I sought.

And, it did. Almost immediately. I was contacted by D, we began corresponding, and quickly realized there was something there - a spark - perhaps some magic - and we made plans to meet. You can read all the stories of what happened next if you look at the posts.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Literally. Our loving relationship, as originally formed, is history.

The short version?

We met, we fell in love, we moved in together, we grew, we experimented, we learned, we discovered some issues, we moved into separate houses, we almost broke up, we stayed together, we kept on, we moved in together again (for purely financial reasons), we grew apart, we split up, we moved into separate places, we have tried to remain friends, we struggled with all of this along the way, and now, we are each back "on our own."

As I say, if you want the details, they're all pretty much here.

Looking back, would I do it all over again, knowing it would end with sadness and pain?

In a heartbeat.

Love's too precious to worry about whether it will last. It might; it might not. But when it comes your way, seize it. Take the ride for as long as it goes. It's completely worth any pain that may come at the end. There will be an end. You will break up, or one of you will die. And that will be painful. 

D is a wonderful, amazing, complicated, fascinating, and genuine person. She's also, at times, a royal pain in the ass. I'm positive she'd say the same things about me. I accept that as well.

I had a life-changing experience with her, and I'm happy down to my bones that it happened.

Now it's time to find out what the next chapter in my life will be.

If you're interested in a domestic discipline relationship, I encourage you to go through this blog and see what can happen - the good and the not-so-good. We entered unchartered waters (for us) when we started. I wish I could have read a blog like this as we set out. That's why I'm leaving it open for a while.

And now, it's time to say "Au revoir." Gentle Reader, I wish you well.