Friday, September 7, 2012

Back from Shadow Lane 2012

We're back from our third Shadow Lane party a few days ago. We're beginning to see ourselves almost as "old timers" at these large parties now, having gone to three Shadow Lanes, two Boardwalk Badness, and one Florida Moonshine party since 2008. 

In some ways, this was the strangest one yet. 

For one thing, I didn't spank anyone - even D, and she didn't play with anyone - even me. That has to be a first! 

We drove to Las Vegas a couple of days early, and joined four good friends (that we'd met at our first Shadow Lane party) for a day on a boat on Lake Mead. The six of us quickly got naked and we frolicked and enjoyed the hell out of that boat and the beautiful day. I hadn't laughed that much in ages. 

The ladies were all good sports, letting us take naughty pictures and give them playful spankings. It was a great way to ramp up to Shadow Lane. 

But at the party, neither D nor I had much interest in any of the suite parties, and so we didn't attend them. The first night's Vendor Fair was just so-so with lousy food, so we went out afterwards for dinner, rather than hitting the suite parties. 

We had a long, deep, emotional conversation. (There seems to be something about spanking parties that brings this out in us.)

D was describing her changing tastes in kink. Gone is the days when she felt naughty and mischievous dressing in a school girl skirt and doing a scene. She thought that I was still very much into that, and she thought that this could be a problem between us. Some of her change of heart stems from the fact that she's fast approaching her 50th birthday, and she feels silly wearing something like a little plaid skirt or a cheerleading outfit at her age. 

She also revealed that she's been wondering "for some time" whether I was seriously interested in underage girls given what she thought as my preference for spanking "younger" (in dress, at least) women. 

She even asked what would happen if she searched my computer for images - would there be child porn on there? 

Talk about being shocked! First of all, I HATE child porn. There's nothing on my computer and she's welcome to search it unannounced. Second of all, I, too, have been moving away from fantasies about spanking D in a schoolgirl or cheerleading outfit. 

What bothered me even more than the idea that she could think I was a child predator was the realization that she could have this thought for some time (she never said how long) and not tell me. 

Here's what brought this all on: 

I had been in contact with two great spanko friends (a married couple) with whom we'd had our first great scene ever, way back at our first Shadow Lane party in 2008. In that scene, D did dress in a schoolgirl outfit. She got paddled and spanked by a "principal," a  "vice principal," and her "teacher" (me.) 

It was a hot, hot scene and all four of us loved it. So, I had been in touch with R and S to see if they wanted to do a surprise reprise of the scene with D and I at this party. And they were. So, while trying to keep it a surprise, I asked D to bring her schoolgirl outfit and cheerleading outfit to the party. She, of course, knew nothing about the reprise, so she naturally assumed that I wanted her to wear these things either to a suite party or to a private scene with me. That made her wonder (apparently) how young I liked my spankos (even in fantasy) and whether I was really into little girls. 

Well, the surprise never happened - the truth leaked out after we were on the boat. But it didn't erase her concerns, which is why we had to discuss them at dinner on the first evening. 

The next day she was convinced I would not want to have anything to do with her, and she was even looking up air fare to return home alone. I did not feel that way. I wanted her to "fake it until she made it" and start participating with the friends we had come this far to enjoy - and to her credit, she did. 

We didn't play with others (with two exceptions I'll describe later), but we had great conversations and spent time with several people who are important to us - and laid the groundwork for private play and interaction with them after Shadow Lane. 

And the two exceptions? 

Well, I asked S to top me because I wanted another experience as a sub/bottom, and she did, and it was fantastic, although my conclusion was interesting to me: I like occasionally bottoming, but I'm a Top/Dom through and through, and that's where I'll probably spend 95% of my time. 

And the other? 

Well, D has had a good friendship with the same S for some time, and the last time together, they both hinted to each other they'd like to see what would happen, and how it would be, if they got sexual together. This time, at Shadow Lane, they did just that. D had her first bisexual (or lesbian) experience ever - and from what she tells me, it was wonderful.

I was not jealous, and in fact I encouraged her to act on her impulses and desires. After all, we've begun to describe ourselves as being in an Open Relationship, and if that's true, there's going to be sex with others. 

Anyway, perhaps I should focus on my reaction / response to this incident in a separate post. Suffice it to say it was wonderful for D and S, and wonderful (in terms of its impact) on D and me. 

Once again, we chose not to hit the suite parties that night, but instead spend most of it in deep conversation with R and S. 

After the party, D and I treated ourselves to one more night in Vegas, at the beautiful Aria hotel, where we got a corner suite with a deep jacuzzi bathtub and stunning views of the Strip. Sure, an indulgence, but it made the whole week a bit more special, and it eliminated the tough traffic returning home, because we stayed one day longer than most tourists. 

And now you know the rest of the story... :)